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I was just curious if you can be fired for having a sleeping disorder that causes mild narcolepsy? I disclosed to my district manager that once I became tired (after a 10-12 hours work shift) it could happen. He was already upset that he heard that I was falling asleep at work. I had explained to him that I was off the clock out of uniform and was sitting in the office chair about to go home and I just leaned back and closed my eyes for a few seconds and an employee thought I was sleeping but I hadn’t been.

Being I was a manager I felt that I would be entitled to just rest my eyes for a few seconds but I guess not. His reply was if I ever was caught sleeping again I would be fired and I wasn’t worried, About two weeks later he came in handed me my last check and said once “I heard you were sleeping on the job during a meeting.” None of which was true and I had no option; he wanted to believe them over me and I feel I was wrongfully fired. It was a few years ago but I feel I’m still entitled to damages!

My Boss Fired Me For Sleeping

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2 thoughts on “My Boss Fired Me for Sleeping

  1. I have a medically verified sleep disorder. To protect both me and my employer, I provided my manager with the information my doctor provided on it, so it is also part of my employee file. I have an office job and I haven't nodded off at my desk, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. I don't operate any heavy equipment, so it doesn't pose a threat to anyone.

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