How To Tell If You Should Get an MBA

People have been badmouthing MBAs as of late. But, should you get one? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before deciding to embark on that academic journey.

How To Tell If You Should Get an MBA

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3 thoughts on “How To Tell If You Should Get an MBA

  1. As an HR professional and a current MBA student at IE Business School, I would like to say that the main reason for me to make that decision (leave a great company like Shell and venture into a self-financed rather expensive MBA at a top business school) was more dictated by the need to understand the world of the business and break off the perpetuated stereotypes about HR being merely a support function, but not a business partner. I am 6 months into the program (6 months more left) and I do not regret the decision a single minute, as I feel much more confident to return into the workplace fully equipped to claim my spot "at the table".

    As to the costs, if you do your MBA degree valuation, the net present value is positive (considerably) with the payback period of anything between 3 to 8 years depending on the deal you'll land with your new employer.

    Best regards,

  2. My husband is a former Chemical Engineer who received his MBA from a top ivy league school. Although costly and sacraficing his job for 18 months, it was the best decision he ever made. I definately believe that it will benefit anyone.

  3. I was laid off after working for 4 years after earning my bachelors in business.

    I decided to go back to get my MHA, and thought about getting an MBA instead. However I knew that I wanted to get into healthcare administration, and so ignored the MBA route.

    Looking back I wish that I had done a dual MBA/MHA. I feel it would have differentiated myself from the crowd of MHA that I find myself in, however I never would have done the pure MBA as I doubt I could get into a top 5 school, but perhaps a top 10 school.

    I hope moving forward I will not have regrets, but I did not gain an administrative fellowship, and with graduation approaching in May, I hope I will be able to secure a job before then!

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