Why Aren’t You Getting the Job? Because You’re a Jerk

The reason you’re not getting the job just may be that you’re a jerk. Here’s a checklist that will help you determine if you’re not as nice as you should be.

(Plus a little chewing out of a rude e-mailer.)

Why Aren’t You Getting the Job? Because You’re a Jerk

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17 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Getting the Job? Because You’re a Jerk

  1. By the way, there is nothing wrong in my book with publishing a question simply for the hits when it's this funny.

    I have to ask though, how often did you find people acting rude to those that are in less prestigious jobs? I hope that didn't/doesn't happen often in your experience.

    I mean for goodness sakes, what kind of person acts like this? Maybe it's because I spent my early years as a janitor.

  2. Anon–your comments got deleted because you used bad words. Any regular reader knows I don't like bad words.

    If you'd like to re-post your vicious comments about how stupid I am and where you think I should spend the eternities, please do, but without the bad words. I recommend using "squidlips" or, perhaps, "eelface" instead.

  3. Mike–in my experience, rudeness during the job search process doesn't happen very often. (Well, from the candidate side. Hiring managers and recruiters seem to be more prone to rudeness here–not returning calls, not keeping candidates up to date, etc.)

    I think, as a general rule, most people are nice most of the time. When we get stressed (which is very easy to do during a job search), we sometimes do regrettable things. But, over all, I don't think this is a huge problem.

    But, if you are rude, it is hurting your job search chances.

  4. I really like this post! Being nice to the front desk person is a must. I would also recommend that the interview begins the minute you enter the building. For one interview that I had, it turns out one of the people that I saw in the elevator, was one of the interviewers. Think of it like dating, would you go on another date with someone who is very nasty to the server for no reason.

  5. I agree w/not being a jerk to the front desk person or the janitor. Maybe that's b/c my husband worked as a janitor before and I know lots of people who've had to work those low level jobs. That's not only a good job hunting lesson, that's a life lesson.

    I also strive not to be the person in my own company not returning calls & so forth since it's a huge peeve of mine. I'd also love feedback if I weren't getting a job but I think there are ways to ask w/out being a crone about it.

  6. I love this post. It is so true that most people don't realize how small the world actually is, and it come back to haunt them. I am hoping that the people that are insisting that their emails be answered or demainding to be hired, are just immature. Making demands on HR will not incease your chances of being hired.

  7. Wow. Any chance that's the original emailer, here to prove definitively why she's not getting any job offers?

    Anonymous, around these parts, we love EHRL. And we don't take kindly to anonymous and juvenile attacks. If you have an issue, state it calmly and courteously. Your current attacks make EHRL look right and you look terrible.

  8. Ahh, anon is back and got her second comment deleted because of the bad words. The one from 11/7 stays because it's just rude without bad words.

    And Karen, I'm 99.99% sure that it is the original e-mail writer. She's sent me e-mails with a similar theme.

    All I can say is that this is so reassuring to me because it shows that I was right and she is a jerk. This type of attitude is surely coming through on a job interview.

    So nice to be right! And thanks for your kind words.

  9. I feel the "anon" is just too offended by the word "jerk" which I initially felt was justified as someone who is oblivious of their "unintentional rude tone" (giving the email writer a benifit of doubt)would obviously have not expected a "jerk" label.However, after reading the comments posted by him/her, i feel he/she(anon) completely defines the word "jerk".

  10. Mohnish–you're right about the word jerk. I even tried to think of a better word but I couldn't think of something better. "Clueless" may be correct, but it's not just clueless, it's rude clueless that is the problem, it's rude and clueless.

  11. @ EHRL : yes, absolutely !In fact i think its more to do with the attitude.The attitude of "me-myself" or "hell! wrong? who me?Never!" is clearly visible by the kind of justification and clarification given in the posted ( deleted ) comments.

  12. @ Anonymous 9:11AM – I'd agree with you and say that the interview can begin before you even enter the building. One of my coworkers saw a woman act very rudely to the barista at the coffee shop a block from our job (he said it was shockingly bad behavior.) When he saw the same woman in our offices shortly thereafter he found out what she was doing there and passed on the tale of her bad behavior to the hiring manager. She did not get the job.

  13. I love this post. And I personally hate the kind of people featured here. But this post is really helpful. People would be aware of the things they have to work on to get a job. And people should be aware of their behaviors, not just when looking for a job but also in their everyday life. Because even if they are working, they could be fired if they don't treat their customers right.

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  14. Being late to the interview happened to me. I heard a horrible knocking sound from the hood of my car but I didn’t want to be late, so I drove anymore. Long story short, my car broke down and I had to call off the interview with my car towed to the garage. I got the interview rescheduled but i could tell they weren’ interested. It sucks when it’s no fault of your own, but them’s the breaks.

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