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My immediate manager feels betrayed/jealous because I applied for another position within my company. I just received news that she badmouthed me and lied about my performance when they called to ask about me. One of my coworkers overheard her on the phone, because her desk is in the main area. Additionally, when a customer commented on how they were going to lose me to another branch, my boss said “Stacy, is not going anywhere!” She has always spoken so highly of me. And now I am certain that she is retaliating against me and will do anything in her power to get her way (she’s done it to others many times in the past).

I am one of the 40 candidates that applied. I already interviewed for the position and based on my first interview they informed me that I was definitely going to be interviewed by managers higher up in the chain (division and regional managers), which is great news. However, I fear my managers’ lies could seriously jeopardize my prospects and damage my reputation throughout the company. How do I handle this in a professional manner? I have considered calling HR but I don’t want to get my coworkers involved, because I don’t want her to retaliate against them.


How to Handle a Bully Boss

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  1. You should schedule a meeting with your manager and ask her why she is defaming you to others. Inform her that you feel the time has come for you to elevate in the company and now is opportunity with her help.

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