Job Hunting Secret: The Recruiter is Not On Your Side

Dear Evil HR Lady,

Also, what is an appropriate amount of time to wait before following up with the recruiter? I’ve submitted resumes and waited weeks before hearing anything. For some positions, that’s fine. But for the ones I really want, this feels like an eternity. Often, I never hear back at all, and this often leaves me without a sense of closure (did they see my resume? are they interviewing? will I get a call? should I keep looking? did they hire? why didn’t they choose me?) What’s proper etiquette in this situation?

Job Hunting Secret: The Recruiter is Not On Your Side

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3 thoughts on “Job Hunting Secret: The Recruiter is Not On Your Side

  1. At my company, HR reviews the first 20 resumes they get for every open position. If they can find 2-3 people with the right qualifications, they interview those candidates. So basically, if your resume is the 21st, it might not even be reviewed.

    They do NOT find the best candidates for the openings, trust me on that!

  2. My resume is sah-weet! What concerns me is the competition. I am middle-aged in a world of fresh grads who will do the job cheaper. Often, the output is cheaper, too. But, companies don't see that for a few years. So, I suppose it is all relative.

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