8 Simple Ways to Customize Your Resume

This is the first in a 3 part series on resumes for this week.

If you have resisted customizing your resume because it’s too much work, try these 8 Simple Ways to Customize Your Resume.

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Seriously, just read the post on resumes.

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3 thoughts on “8 Simple Ways to Customize Your Resume

  1. Great post. I have found that many people ignore the fact that recruiters go through hundreds of CVs daily and unless something really catches the eye, it goes straight into the rubbish bin.

    Another common fallacy is to assume that if you are a great professional (which surely you can be), it is crystal clear from the piece of paper that you are sending around. Best experts are so often deft at concealing their strongest points and most remarkable achievements in tiny font or messy formatting.

    Finally, I always advise to have a resumé and a CV. Send out your resumé first (ideally, one-page), and then if the recruiter is interested, you will be asked for more details in one form or the other. Bait & tackle!

  2. What about the title hitch? I tried the abbreviated title as you previously suggested, and was immediately asked why it wasn't more if I was doing more. Plus, seeing the previous titles in my history didn't help. They still want to pigeon-hole by title.

  3. Ah, good advice. I used to be an HR Generalist…going back into the work world 10 yrs later as a temp. I've always believed in customizing a resume, it is a small time investment & can make a huge difference in the end!

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