Employment Background Checks: What They’re Really Looking For

No one cares what Web sites you’ve visited, but a prospective employer does care about your judgment, public image and felonies.

Employment Background Checks: What They’re Really Looking For

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7 thoughts on “Employment Background Checks: What They’re Really Looking For

  1. Solid common sense advice on maintaining a good public image on the Internet (without being overly paranoid). Thanks for this post!

  2. This is so true 90% of employer's just want to verify a potential employee criminal history, education(no diploma mill) and previous employment history. Great post!

  3. This makes perfect sense. So many applicant’s don’t realize that lying on their application about a degree or employer looks much worse than some minor criminal offense. It’s best just to be honest and upfront.

  4. I completely understand the terror of backgrounds checks that contain incorrect information. I recently discovered 21 year old misdemeanor charge for a DUI, amended to speeding ticket . This info was relayed to me in a job interview-I almost fell off the chair in horror ! This is not mine , never was mine- apparently a clerical error at district court level. I am still trying to get this sorted out-despite having documentation that is clearly demonstrates this is not my “criminal history “. Hired an attorney will help me sort this out, but will cost $$$ . So there is no such thing as “minor criminal offense” when it comes to on-line job applications , job interviews or anyone who views background checks as a simple step to employment.

  5. hi I would like to know what are the most common websites that employers use to run background checks. thanks

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