Would You Like Your Resume Reviewed by An Expert?

UPDATE:  I’ve gotten an overwhelming response to this post, so for right now I’m not accepting any more resumes.

 Lots of people claim to be resume experts, but have only seen a few resumes and rarely hire anyone. Wouldn’t it be great for someone who has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes to look at yours and tell you how to make it better?
I’m looking for resumes to publish on BNET. The resumes will be part of a post that contains a critique of your resume–the good, and the bad–and how to make it a great resume. It will be critiqued by me and hiring managers/recruiters who really do know what makes a great resume.
If your resume is published it will be posted exactly as you sent it. That means if you don’t want your real name, email address and phone number splashed across the internet, you’ll want to edit it. Please leave placeholders so we know you have a phone number on your resume (For example, write home phone: 555-555-5555 instead of deleting the line.)
Send your resume as a Microsoft Word, Open Office or PDF file to EvilHRLady@gmail.com. Please put “Resume” in the subject line.
Important: My first guest critic is Alison Green of Ask a Manager. You know how fabulous she is, and she doesn’t normally do resume reviews, so seriously, people, this is your chance! (And fellow blogging HR/Manager types, if you want to be next on my list of fabulous critics, email me.)

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5 thoughts on “Would You Like Your Resume Reviewed by An Expert?

  1. Always too slow. Do not have resume at work and by the time I got home you were no longer taking resumes. Kind of like my job search.

  2. crap — me too! I just found out my company is going to undergo some serious change and I really needed this!!!

  3. Bummer. I was at work all day, didn't have a chance to do this. Sad.

  4. I'd like to see the results of this venture… I think candid reviews of other job seekers' resumes will help me improve mine (so much better to see concrete examples instead of general suggestions for improvement)

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