Why Your Annual Review is Unfair

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It’s employee evaluation time again, and I am feeling very frustrated. For the past two years my boss has given me the highest possible evaluation. He has said I am the best employee he’s had for 15 years and he can’t think of any suggestions for improvement. But then he has given me 2s and 3s as ratings (1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest). When I asked him about it, he said that he was told to do so (he actually had to lower the initial ratings he gave me) because if he gave me all 1s then he’d have to give me a raise, and he has been told he can’t give raises. This is company policy that I don’t think he can do anything about, but it’s extremely disheartening. Do I just shrug my shoulders and go along with this unfair system? How common is this?

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3 thoughts on “Why Your Annual Review is Unfair

  1. Wow, once again a company doesn't give a rat's behind about the people that make the company run?

    Color me surprised.

  2. I often find that it's the supervisor who is unwilling to confront what they really feel is less than great performance. So, instead of doing so, they "blame" upper management. I've had this happen again most recently. A supervisor (actually a director) tell an employee that the executive director said no one should get "commendable" or "distinguished" ratings. That was flat out false. What was said, was that evaluations should be accurate; not all employees are distinguished, just as not all employees need improvement. This director twisted that and gave his employee a very negative impression. In this case, the director had given this employee a much higher rating the previous year. Before you assume the policy of the company is so unfair, look to the people actually giving the evaluations, and their failings.

  3. Hi. I’m the original poster. Just a little note about my mid-year review this year. My boss (a new one) told me that he had to adjust my numbers so that my average would come to 3 (out of 5) since I am not due for a raise this year. We both know I do extremely high quality work–he had not a single recommendation for improvement (I myself am aware of areas where I could improve and would actually welcome real feedback). Everyone here knows these evaluations are just a joke. Yes, I am looking for a new job (so’s my boss).

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