Since Halloween is almost upon us, I have a question? Just how would you know if your HR department had been taken over by zombies?

My thought: When you get your open enrollment form, there are only questions about how fresh your brain is.

Add your answers to the comments, or tweet it with the hashtag #HRZombies.

I’m looking forward to some awesome answers.

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3 thoughts on “HR Zombies

  1. 1 – Shortly after your coworker suddenly leaves the company, your HR person laments that she really needs to go on a diet. And you thought it had to do with recruiting-related stress and chocolate…

    2 – The one time air-conditioning in the HR department broke and make-up started running, your HR lady sure looked different. The co-worker who went into the HR office that day was let go – or so they say.

    3 – Exit interviews no longer take place in the HR office but in an out-of-the-way warehouse.

    4 – Your former co-worker tells you that in a reference check, your HR department said he was let go because he had trouble fitting in with the company culture. "He insisted on gobbling down tons of sweets and we really prefer salty snacks here at Acme Corp."

    5 – Ever since your company initiated that intern program for students from all over the world, your HR rep has been over the moon about international cuisine.

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