Amy!  The random number generate at has spoken, it it spoke the name Amy.  (Weird, I asked if for a number and it gave me a name!)

Anyway, this is Amy who posted this comment:  I always got pretty good gifts from bosses like movie tickets and giftcards, but my friend has had worse luck. The worst/oddest gift that he’s been given was a pair of plain white socks stuffed with candy. A coworker his once received toenail clippers from their boss. A hint, perhaps?

I do have Amy’s email address, so I am emailing you, but you must respond to my by Monday, December 12, 12:00 noon East Coast Time, to collect your prize. If you don’t respond (or your email bounces–some people put in fake email addresses, you know), I’ll use my magic number generator to pick a new winner.

Thanks to everyone who entered.  I’m glad I said the contest was to be determined by random number rather than the best story because I never would have been able to decide.

If you want to hear about horrible gifts, you can read all the entries here.

and if you’re wondering, was the winner someone else?  Yes it was, but that person never contacted me, so I’m just removing the fact that he/she won so if this poor person finally remembers to come back there will be no devastation at losing by not responding.

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