Help! I’m in over my head at work

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I was recently hired to fill a position that my predecessor held for 20-plus years. I’ve had to ask for absolutely everything: clear definition of my job description, access to a printer, help getting my phone set-up for voice mail, access to databases, access to archived templates, etc.

The company offers no training for my position. There were no procedure manuals left behind, so I’m just flying by the seat of my pants. It feels like I’m being set-up for failure.

The position has been downgraded to manager supervisor, so I don’t feel I should be looked upon as her replacement, but of course I am. One of my direct reports has been great about showing me the ropes, but nobody told her she was going to have to do this and there are some things that even she doesn’t know.

I’m very disheartened and frustrated. I really like the culture here and my coworkers are great. The position is a step up for me, so I worry that I’m not doing a good job and will get canned for not knowing what I haven’t even been told. Any advice on how to turn this around?

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