5 thoughts on “Bad credit, criminal record? Time to apply for jobs!

  1. That’s good news about the credit checks. For a while there, it seemed employers were using them arbitrarily for positions where it didn’t much matter. I believe that criminal checks, on the other hand, should ALWAYS be done for certain types of jobs, especially caretaker ones where the employee would have unfettered access to clients’ homes and personal belongings, accounts, etc. Nursing home employees, home care aides and the like.

    Unfortunately, you hear a lot of stories about them being hired without the smallest attempt at a check, and some end up victimizing or abusing people.

  2. Before hiring the employee try to make an attempt to check them.Its good to hear about the credit checks. Credit checks helps the hiring manager for hiring the better employees.

  3. If you have bad credit I suggest hiring Lexington Law to help you fix your score. They have been around for decades and have helped the most people. They are also a real law firm with real lawyers working for you.

  4. Credit checks are still an important part of the background screening process. The key is to run them when appropriate for the position.

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