Why HR is blocking your promotion

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I joined a large company two years ago, fresh out of school. I am learning a lot and enjoying my work. Because I’m a fresh college grad, my job “band” is one below that of all my fellow teammates, which makes sense given everyone else has at least 10 years of experience. Over the past year, I’ve busted my tail, and in April my boss let me know that she was putting me on the list for a band promotion — same job, but I’ll be more on par with my teammates both in title and compensation. It’s now July and we just had our mid-year review. I got a pretty solid review, which will be submitted next week. Should I have heard something by now regarding this promotion? 

My boss has told me she has been following up with our HR manager regularly, but HR is refusing to commit just yet. Are they waiting for the review to be formally submitted before they bump me up? Do I need to do anything else other than follow up with my boss every now and then? Also, I know our company has a policy of waiting at least two years before a promotion can happen, but I’ve cleared that hurdle. Thanks, love your articles and perspectives in the corporate world!

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