Why your company wants you to resign

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I was told my position was being eliminated last week — the day before I was leaving for vacation. They are not offering a severance package, and I am able to work for them for three months while I look for another position. They also said that they will treat it as a resignation, and that is what they will tell the rest of the staff.

 If I secure another job, then I can leave prior to October 31. This really bothers me, as I have had good reviews and have not been told my performance was poor. In fact, I have achieved all departmental goals for the year before the third quarter was completed. The only thing that I can think of is that the day before they let me go, I completed a grant project that I had been working on. They did mention money was an issue, but I am probably the lowest paid people in the office. I do not care that they let me go — I just prefer not to lie to the rest of the staff, and I would prefer to leave now and collect a three-month severance package. 

The way it is now, I have to go work there everyday knowing I am leaving. It is uncomfortable, and I feel used and taken advantage of. I also will not be able to collect unemployment if they say I “resigned.” Any advice on how I should proceed? I have thought about contacting an employment lawyer, but I also thought it might be a waste of time.  

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