Stop spamming people with your resume

I got an email on Friday. Subject line: IT JOB APPLICANT. I opened it. No text. Just 5 attachments containing a resume, cover letter and three letters of reference. It was sent to me and 14 other lucky recipients.

Because my whole career is based around helping other people with their careers, rather than hitting delete I replied:

I hope you sent this by mistake. This is not an effective way to find a job, at all.

People will treat this as spam and will not open your attachments. You need to apply to each company individually with an individual cover letter. Good luck.

She replied:

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2 thoughts on “Stop spamming people with your resume

  1. Yep, your replies to the writer are spot on. But ….

    The theory behind Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs tells us that in times of desperation, job applicants trying anything to put bread and beans on the table will often resort to behaviors they would not ordinarily consider.

    You replied empathetically and helpfully which is much more than many people receiving a shotgun resume distribution would do. I make a comment today hoping that some readers might consider what motivates applicants to behave in this way, and to respond humanely. Recalling the wise words of a writer I respect, “Seek first to understand.”

    1. I hadn’t thought about the Maslow’s hierarchy thing.

      I feel so bad for people who are desperate. There are a lot out there and it’s tragic.

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