I Fired Someone, But He Won’t Go Away

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I recently let an employee go at the three month evaluation time. After he was fired, he began emailing one of our employees who has a side business. The emails kept coming. Our employee let us know right away that it made him uncomfortable. The employee finally found a way to back out of the exchange, but it made me think about others he may be contacting. What are the rules around a company’s clients once you no longer work for that organization? He is using his personal email account and we asked him to forward communication he had with one of our clients, but what can I do about the others?

He only worked for us for three months but his departure has been stressful and he’s been somewhat passive-aggressive.

–Annoyed Former Boss

To read the answer click here: I Fired Someone, But He Won’t Go Away (INC)

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