How can I report bullying without looking like a whiner?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have been through a couple instances where it feels like “professional hell”-like disagreements, angry clients or bad co-workers; one involved harassment. I’m worried that I have a reputation based on instances that I wished to have avoided. I know I have made a positive impression on some people, and then there are those who I have not. I think that a lot had to do with being right out of college and not realizing how to be professional or handle situations too emotionally.

The harassment situation I went through was difficult because it involved denial and lack of support, so it ended up looking like I had made up the whole problem. I find it difficult when you have a situation where you are being harassed but you report it more than once, because you begin to look like a difficult employee.

Do you have any advice for how I can take to defend or explain myself if it is ever brought up? How does one handle explaining unprofessionalism on either your or someone else’s part in a professional way? I am really just looking to have a positive career and not have instances follow me from previous jobs. I feel I am not alone but definitely do not want to appear as if I have a pattern.

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3 thoughts on “How can I report bullying without looking like a whiner?

  1. I don’t think it’s possible to report bullying without looking like a whiner. In my experience those in charge are not prepared to deal with a bully. I think you just have to start a job search and get out asap.

  2. It’s possible, need to document specifics. If coming through on email print and save. The best method of course is not allow the bullying.

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