Want success on the job? Take a nap

When that afternoon drowsiness hits, do you: A) Grab a cup of coffee? B) Take a brisk walk around your office building? C) Plow through and wait for it to pass? D) Pay about $10 to lie down in bed and take a nap?

If you answered D), you may be Chilean. One company in the South American country, Espacio Siestario, rents out space for naps (Not that this says anything about Chileans’ work ethic — the average person there works 2,068 hours per year, compared to the average American’s 1,695 hours.) Yet while taking a nap may not be culturally acceptable, even in South America where it used to be standard, that doesn’t mean our bodies — and brains — won’t function better with an afternoon snooze.

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One thought on “Want success on the job? Take a nap

  1. I’ll take a nap on my lunch break if it’s needed. Even though it’s only 25 minutes (5 minutes for travel to/from car), it boosts me up for the rest of the day.

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