The 1 Podcast You Should Be Listening To

As a general rule, I don’t care for podcasts. Most are dry, way too long and devoid of any good information. Enter The Boss Show. I didn’t have high hopes when I clicked play, but I was soon hooked. It’s entertaining, short enough to keep your attention and not drag on your day, and full of great information. The hosts, Steve Motenko and Jim Hessler, are a psychology expert and a business expert, respectively. Their show helps people who are bosses, or who have bosses, navigate the world of work.

I asked them a few questions. Steve answered them, but Jim gave a thumbs up as well.

To read the interview please click here: The 1 Podcast You Should Be Listening To

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2 thoughts on “The 1 Podcast You Should Be Listening To

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  2. On the “way too long” point regarding podcasts: my favorites are the Scientific American “60 second science” family of podcasts.

    Each is pretty interesting and very short. This makes them very good for passing time in an educational manner while waiting for public transit.

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