When your evil boss and HR are friends, watch out

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I work at a private university, and I enjoy my job 100 percent. The reason I’m writing, though, is that our office has undergone some hard times recently. In the past two years we have had 13 employees leave (mostly due to their pay not compensating for the amount of micromanagement we withstand). Last fall our director underwent an “HR investigation” and all of us underlings were sure that she would be gone by spring. However, we were wrong, and in fact the results have made the work place an even more hellish situation. We are no longer allowed to go to HR with our issues. We first have to go to the director — who is the issue — and then the VP and then HR. Further, the person in HR who was in charge of the investigation is friends with our director. How do we go about reporting complaints or changing our situation without incurring retaliation?

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4 thoughts on “When your evil boss and HR are friends, watch out

  1. I decided to leave a company because of this exact same reason. The new manager came in with no managerial experience, NO knowledge whatsoever about labour laws, contract laws, etc. Her bosses supported her, but did not see what was really going on during business hours (or after hours when we were all asked – TOLD – to stay an extra 4-8 hours after our shift was done, for that matter). She micromanaged without knowing what anyone’s job was, she could never make up her mind & if her bosses ever did reprimand her for something she’d come down on the staff HARD and blame all of us for it – when she changed things where she was the only one with access to many files & the only one who could actually make changes, etc.

    Anyways, we were all miserable & I chose to leave rather than fight. I loved my job. I knew that I had a very good chance for a constructive dismissal case through Employment Standards, however, in the end of that process, the complainent really is expected to leave the job anyway. I was stressed enough and any fight would have been even more stressful:(

    Other staff remained & 1/2 of them left one by one over time. Now, after almost 3 years, the remaining staff has decided to join up together and go to the union and Employment Standards (labour board). OT is not getting paid when they are forced to work sometimes an extra 20+ hours a week (x 3 years at that many employees… it is going to cost the company ALOT in backpay & fines if it comes to that); their jobs have changed; wages have been reduced… and they are now in for one heck of a fight!!!

    If there are employment laws being broken by your manager then go to your union or labour board. That is my simple advice. If she is not breaking any laws & only just micro-managing and making you miserable because of it, then I agree, too, that you should consider your pros & cons & start looking for another job.

    Life is short and it is not worth the stress. You love your job, but changes happen. There may be another job out there waiting for you that you love just as much!

    Good luck!

  2. Yes, if it’s illegal, which it doesn’t sound to be the case, go to your state labor board and file a complaint. Bad management, poor business decisions, jerky behavior is not pleasant, professional, or positive, but not illegal.

    It sounds like our Tanya may not be in the US, keep in mind that in the US it’s very difficult to collect UI if you do quit.

    “At Will” employment works both way, brush up the resume and start the search, companies are starting to hire again.

  3. Nope, I’m in Canada. Things are a little different here:) But no one should be miserable at work when they spend more than 1/2 of their waking hours sometimes at it. And things change and you either have to go along with it or make some changes yourself:)

  4. Never go to HR for anything. Especially if you are not in a protected class. Suck it up and keep your head down. Don’t make waves. And make the plans to go into business for yourself.

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