Can your boss text you when you’re on vacation?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I work well over 60 hours and am a salaried exempt employee.

However when I take paid time off, my boss texts me to call or email my team to get them to produce and work. Basically to light a fire under their butts to make them work harder. She will also sometimes ask me to go in to email her a report on my day off.

When I took a week long vacation in the Caribbean she still kept texting me about work related matters. What I want to know is, is it legal? Are there any laws against this?

Also I work insane amount of hours and don’t take lunch breaks. But some weeks I have to take my kids or my elderly parents to those doctor appointments. This takes about 2 hours. I always inform her about it.

She gives me a hard time about it and tells me to find a doctor who is open late or on weekends. Is this acceptable? I am one of her good managers in production and work like a dog.

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One thought on “Can your boss text you when you’re on vacation?

  1. You are the reason organized labor exists. You HR types use Orwellian double speak as a language, for example pay cuts equal “pay for performance” and anytime you show up to an office you’re smiling, with a large knife behind your back. You can’t stand up for an employee needing legitimate help because you can’t stand up to your employers who want them fired, you don’t have enough clout for that, you want to be lawyers but couldn’t be. I’d take an attorney specializing in personnel over you scum any day of the week, and by the way you do a disservice to the HR grunts who do the real work of filing benefits paperwork and processing incoming and outgoing employee forms. You seriously disgust me as does your smug picture. Filth.

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