What About Office Romances?

Note: This article that I’ll link below goes to a brand new website: Wise Careers. It’s sponsored by Western Governors University, which I think is about the coolest idea ever. (And they didn’t even ask me to say that, I just really think it is a cool concept.) Anyway, I’m over there, talking about romance. Here’s an excerpt:

If you were an alien whose only ideas of earth were gleaned through television programs, you’d assume that the workplace is populated by two types of people: the hilarious and the promiscuous. (And sometimes, those people are one and the same.) Also, you’d assume that no one ever does any actual work.

Those of us who actually have had jobs, know that most people only think they are funny and office romance is fraught with problems that aren’t neatly wrapped up in 30 minutes. But sometimes, even in the real world, sparks can fly at the office. What are the rules of workplace romance?

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