Why I Love Mondays–and Maybe You Should Too!

It’s Monday morning–early. Soon, my Facebook feed will start to fill up with “I hate Monday!” and “Looks like Monday snuck up on us again!” posts. To which I respond, “Fools! I love Mondays!”

Maybe my reaction is not typical, but here’s why I love Mondays.

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10 thoughts on “Why I Love Mondays–and Maybe You Should Too!

  1. I think it all depends on where you work, and, how you spent the weekend. And working from home certainly makes the transition from weekend to work week much easier than fighting an hour long commute in to the office. I start getting depressed on Sunday afternoon myself; and I am probably at my best from Tuesday night through Thursday night. I hit Friday like a brick wall.

    1. Other people would say you’ve got that backwards. 🙂

      Somebody or something is attacking Inc regularly. I don’t know why. It’s working now!

  2. Difference is, working from home doesn’t have the same Mon-Fri feel as working on site. Especially if you also put in work over the weekend, there’s actually no sense of “Monday”.

  3. This is very similar to how I feel when I have early doctor’s appointments. I get up to get my daughter ready and see her and my husband off at 6:20am when they drive off to start their day/daycare. I then have about 1 hour to hang out and do nothing until I have to go to my doc appt. It is bliss to me. No husband or child to interupt. Ahhhhh….

    1. Yes. Just a little time alone is so awesome.

      Ahem, I mean, I wish I could be with everyone all the time!!!!!

  4. Nope, Saturday is still my favorite! I get to figure skate on Saturday, and it’s my day to not do anything work-ish (except maybe blog posts, or novel scenes) or chore-ish. No laundry on Saturday!

    I have no one at home to talk to :'( so getting out and going to the office is not a big deal. The only time I mind is if I’m really tired or not feeling well. I do have VPN capability, so if I suspect I won’t feel like going in, I can take my laptop home the previous evening. It’s nice to have the choice. 😀

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