It’s time to “but” out at work

How many times a day do you find yourself saying “but”? As in, “but I didn’t get the specs until yesterday!” or “but Jennifer said” or “but at my old office we”. If any of those statements sound like something that comes out of your mouth, it’s time to get the “buts” out.

We’re generally programmed to defend ourselves, so when someone comes at us with negative feedback our gut instincts are generally to protest and then out comes that “but” word. But just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s better. If you want to improve in your career, when your boss is telling you that you’re doing something wrong, it’s actually a blessing. It’s impossible to improve if we don’t know what our faults are.

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2 thoughts on “It’s time to “but” out at work

  1. Sometimes, (too often with some people), when your boss is “telling you that you’re doing something wrong”, it’s the boss who is wrong.

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