90 Percent of Your Employees Come to Work When They’re Sick, and It’s Your Fault

A new study by Staples tells us that 90 percent of the American workforce admits to coming into work when they are not only feeling under the weather, but know they are contagious. Contagious people in the office mean, of course, that more germs are being spread around, and it undoubtedly increases the number of people who get sick.

I am, of course, part of the 90 percent. I work from home now, but when I worked in an office, unless I was on death’s door, I was in the office. My company had a generous sick leave policy of up to three days in a row without a doctor’s note, as often as needed throughout the year, fully paid, for all exempt employees. By 2004 high speed internet connections were available from home, and I could do 90 percent of my job from my home. I still came in.

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