Be Nice to Everyone. It’s Worth It

Devon Schuler is an airplane designer. He spends a great deal of time thinking about ways to improve flying and he loves sketching airplane designs. There is just one problem: Devon is only 9 and no one is paying him for his ideas.

Since when has a lack of pay stopped anyone with a passion from chasing his or her dreams? Devon sketched out his ideas for an Airbus 390, found the address himself, and with a stamp from Mom, mailed it to Airbus’ headquarters in France.

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2 thoughts on “Be Nice to Everyone. It’s Worth It

  1. A while back I was a bank teller. One regular customer, a stock boy, was confused by the ATM — it was beyond his abilities. (Cue tears) When he asked for help, he first apologized for not having much money. As one, the entire staff said we would help him do whatever he wanted. We did not care what his balance was. He was always kind, cheerful, grateful, and we did not mind helping. I am not sure if there other customers when we pledged our help. That was not why we were kind.

  2. I have had this quote at the end of my emails for many years: Be kinder than necessary. Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

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