With Employees, You Should Love Them or Leave Them

Either tell your employees how you appreciate them or fire them.

Strange? Not at all. Your employees deserve to know that you appreciate their hard work. And if you don’t appreciate their hard work, then why on earth are you paying them? Get rid of them.

Oh wait, your business can’t operate without your employees? You can’t meet your deadlines, keep your clients and investors happy, or get product out the door without your employees.

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5 thoughts on “With Employees, You Should Love Them or Leave Them

  1. Suzanne, many businesses have a far more fundamental problem. They lack fairness. Hiring and firing are capricious and highly political.

    In firing, it’s not whether you “like” them or not. The question is, why don’t you like them? If they’re not doing the job and they can’t be coached to better performance, fire them. If you don’t like them because they aren’t sucking up enough or you feel threatened by their superior performance, you don’t have grounds for firing.

    It appears you are justifying emotional firing decisions on the grounds that supervisors have the power to do anything they want. If they feel a certain way, they have the right to act on it, facts be dammed. -Diana

    1. Wow, I had a very different takeaway than you. I read Suzanne more as saying if you like them enough to keep them, you should express your appreciation. It’s not fair to withhold praise on the justification that you don’t think they’re that good, because if they’re good enough to pay they’re good enough to appreciate.

    2. No! Well, I do support at will employment, which include the right to fire for whatever. But, that wasn’t my point. My point is, your employees are contributing to your business, so you should let them know you appreciate them.

      I also do think if someone isn’t contributing at all, it’s time to let that person go.

  2. I read it as employer encouragement recognize and demonstrate appreciation for the value of their employees.

    Great message Suzanne.

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