Healthy Employees Make Happy Employees

Social networking startup, imo, believes in wellness. So much so that they have treadmill desks available, and on employees’ first year anniversaries they are given a pair of custom Nike shoes. I spoke with CEO Ralph Harik about how this all plays out in the office. Starting with the treadmill desks.

Turns out that his brother and co-founder, Georges Harik, modified an exercise bicycle so that he could code and bike at the same time. This worked so well for him, that they decided to bring a similar concept into the office. Enter the treadmill desks at imo. About half of the company’s employees take advantage of the treadmill desks regularly, allowing them to get in a bit of exercise while working.

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2 thoughts on “Healthy Employees Make Happy Employees

  1. “…creating an environment that helps employees feel valued builds loyalty to the company…” I agree with this statement, but I don’t think providing wellness perks make me, or a lot of people, feel valued. I feel valued when my bosses listen to me ; when they practice good communication; when they take an interest in my professional development; when they recognize my hard work and don’t make me feel like I have to work 24/7. Those are the things that make employees feel valued. I will worry about my health. I want my employer to be concerned with my professional well-being, not my physical well-being.

  2. Poor employee health costs you extra you might imagine. For instance, one study indicated that the failure of efficiency from presenteeism (coming to work sick) was four times beyond the remedial or pharmacy costs allied with the sickness.

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