How to Keep the Flu Out of the Office

It’s flu season. And you know what that means: Not only might you get sick, but your whole office could get infected. That scenario should obviously be avoided, as sidelined employees can dig into your bottom line.

How can you keep your employees in the pink? Here are five tips for fending off the flu (and other illnesses) in your office:

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2 thoughts on “How to Keep the Flu Out of the Office

  1. Amen to these. I can’t tell you how many times I caught the crud at work because some martyr would drag himself or herself into the office, coughing and hacking and touching everything in sight!

    At my new job, they don’t even want you in the building if you’re sick.

  2. At my old job they would in fact want you to go home if you were sick or needed some sort of medical attention.

    And then they would give you a point against you for attendance.

    Wonderful place to work……..

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