6 Tips to Help You Avoid Employee Lawsuits

The last thing your small business or startup needs is a law suit.

Beyond the time and expense of going through a potentially lengthy legal battle, it’ll assuredly divert your attention away from other important priorities like running your business.

And while having an attorney on speed dial is helpful, patent trouble and liability issues aren’t the only legal curve balls that can come your way. Your employees–and even the government, regardless of whether your employees complained–can sue you.

Do yourself a favor, avoid a legal scuffle with workers. Here are six tips that’ll help you stay out of court and in compliance with the law:

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4 thoughts on “6 Tips to Help You Avoid Employee Lawsuits

  1. Realizing you are not a lawyer, I have a question regarding docking exempt employees’ pay that’s been bugging me for a while, and since you speak to it in this article I thought now’s the best time to ask!

    Let’s say a company offers employees the ability to take unpaid days off. If that day is taken by an exempt employee who works every other day in the week, is that “docking” their pay? It’s agreed upon by the employee, but how does that fall into line with the “if they work at all during that week, they must be paid their regular salary” I keep hearing about?

  2. For sure avoiding lawsuits will help you to save a lot of money. That’s why is very importing how act regarding your employees. Treat them with respect because employees that are treated in a disrespectful way are more much likely to sue your company. If your employee is treated with respect, he may be more interested in approach you with concern rather then make an official claim against you.
    As I observe during the time, it’s essential to make sure that all your employees know the policies of your company. Make public these policies and your employees will know what is expected of them as employees and you as their employer. Always follow your politics, it’s very easy to land in an employee lawsuit if you failure to follow your employment policies. If you have serious complains deal with them right away.
    When we are talking about lawsuits a company should have always proofs. So, make sure you have notes of verbal warning and then put the files in your employee’s file. At the court, documents will place you in a more credible light. I read about this in this article: http://blog.eskill.com/ethical-hiring-work-decisions/, you may be interested too.

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