Are you the life of the party, or would you rather skip the party and stay home with a good book? Do you get your energy from meeting new people, or do you need time at home, alone, to regroup? If so, you might be an introvert. Unfortunately, the job hunting world isn’t set up for introverts — after all, you’re expected to go to an interview, with strangers, and be in top form, carry on sparkling conversation, and make it look natural and easy. Well, it’s not

It doesn’t mean that introverts don’t make good employees. In fact, some research suggests that introverts make great leaders. But where to get started? If you are an introvert searching for the right career, some fit your personality better than others. The people at CareerCast have pulled together a list of 10 jobs that are great for the introverts among us. There is something for everyone.
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7 thoughts on “10 best jobs for introverts

  1. That list is a pretty clumsy interpretation of what introverts want to do and do well. I can’t think of anything that would interest me less than working with animals or repairing machinery or organizing files. We’re not antisocial or afraid of people, and being an introvert does not imply “great listening skills.”

  2. I work in a massive cubicle farm of hundreds of engineers and scientists, almost all of whom are introverts. It’s so quiet that the only sound is the nearby clicking of keyboards; it’s eerily quiet sometimes.

    According to your list, being an introvert is generally death to reasonable compensation. With all the advanced degrees in this room, I believe the medians are in line with your astonomer and geoscientist, if not higher.

  3. Working with animals … check
    Archival work … check
    Social media management … check

    This list focuses on the skills and preferences of different kinds of introverts. Many of the jobs are interactive while providing time with tasks that are less draining than “face time” with people.

  4. I’m surprised that software development didn’t make the list. Lots of introverts have gravitated toward that field (myself included).

  5. I would add the broad category of ‘researcher’ to that list. It’s a great type of job where you can collaborate and share ideas, but still give yourself alone time to (gasp) actually get work done.

    While I can be as charming and sociable as the next guy, most modern workplaces have devolved into paralysis through too many meetings, too much micromanagement, etc. Even group-based project work (that certainly requires meetings) requires people to work on their own for bouts of time.

    I save the bulk of my extroversion for social engagements–happy hours, networking events, time with friends, nights out, etc.

  6. Oh, Suzanne, I’m sorry you posted this. The original article is helping to perpetuate the myth that introvert == shy. That’s just not true. There are shy extroverts and unshy introverts. Shyness is a social fear. Introversion is a normal, mental process.

    Repeatedly conflating these two different things in one article makes the article lose credibility!

    Please see the comments we’ve added at Susan Adam’s repost:

  7. Being an introvert sometimes i find expressing myself difficult. I know i am not the only one. Its just like hurdle while choosing the right career. Here you have shared some of the best jobs for introverts, it will be helpful for all introverts to choose among best career options.Thanks for sharing!

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