Should you hunt for a job using social media?

Clark Walker got a job through Instagram. Sarah Salbu got her job through Twitter. I got this job through blogging. Can you get a job through social media? Maybe. I’m going to be straight — it’s not the all-purpose job hunting solution that some of have made it out to be. But, you can definitely get a job through social media if you are willing to put yourself out there.

Mashable ran a list of helpful hints for using various forms of social media to get jobs. Their suggestions are great — things like, tweet often, follow the right people, check your privacy settings, and make sure your LinkedIn profile is compelling. These are great ideas, and well worth the read. But, is this something you should pursue? Here are some hints to help you decide if you should tackle the job hunt in the public eye through social media.

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4 thoughts on “Should you hunt for a job using social media?

  1. Social Media CAN be a a great tool but the average person does not have the discipline or sophistication to do it right..and if it ain’t right, it’s wrong which means it can, and usually will, hurt you.

    Use the basics, they still hold true and with the crutch of technology, may even make you stand out from the herd.

  2. In our hiring process we do look at social media but, it is not our primary resource. I think social media is important and allows any company, considering you for employment, to get to know you a little bit before they interview you and get a feel for your personality and interests. Great post!

  3. The problem is that most of the time people are NOT getting the job they want because of social networks.
    93% of recruiters review candidates social media activities and often based on that reject an application.

  4. As a recent graduate when looking for work i disabled my facebook and made all my other social networks completely private. I don’t think its fair candidates are judged on their social media sites. Specially graduates if you have the full university experience their will pics from nights out etc that should not mean the candidate wont work hard in their profesional life

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