This Company Really Puts Its Cash Where Its Mouth Is

A lot of companies want to do good in the world, and offer official social-justice platforms and the like.

But the Mars Agency does more than just say it believes in helping the community–it actually does.

The agency’s senior copywriter, Debbie Feit, spent a month volunteering for two charities, the Association for Children’s Mental Health in Michigan and the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. To her, the experience was more than a way to get press but a way to demonstrate that the things that mattered to her also mattered to the company.

As a writer, she helped the Association for Children’s Mental Health request grants, overhaul a brochure, edit a document on the juvenile justice system, and generate ideas for its newsletter. These things couldn’t have been done in just a few hours, which is what most busy people believe they have to spare. Her monthlong sabbatical allowed her to truly do good.

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3 thoughts on “This Company Really Puts Its Cash Where Its Mouth Is

  1. Would this be a paid sabbatical or just the allowance of time off for volunteering? I do think it is generous for a company to allow this much time off to an employee to volunteer like this. But I am wondering if it is an unpaid sabbatical, how can the company could put their name on it & be the ones to take credit for it? If they give the employee the month off without pay, this means that the person has to have their own money saved up to live off of for that time, put in the work and effort, offer their own services…. and in the end not be the ones to get thanked for it, or at least have to share the thanks for it.

    If the employee is still paid their wages, or at least living expenses covered, then it is like the company is lending an employee and expertise, pro bono, to the organization to help them out. Then for sure, kudos to the company, because this would be a win-win for everyone:)

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