When a co-worker resents your salary

I’m a salesperson, working on a small salary and commissions. The company has just 8 people, with the office manager doing payroll for all. When I have good months, I make more than everyone. There have been times the office manager will make mistakes on my commissions and says she’ll pay me on my next check, which will be another two weeks away. I usually insist upon her writing a second check for the difference. She has subjected me to other petty things besides jerking me around with my pay, but today I found out she would like to sell as well and is checking into getting licensed. The company is less than 2 years old and can’t support 2 salespeople at this time. I have no idea if she has talked with the owners, but I feel it’s clear she resents my income and wants the same opportunity. She made an offensive comment one day that salespeople didn’t do anything. I don’t trust her. What should I do?

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8 thoughts on “When a co-worker resents your salary

  1. Good salespeople should be some of the highest paid people in your company. If someone has a resents your compensation? Tell them to do what you do or learn to be a better negotiator…..all this compensation “equality”…..no such thing and never will be.

    Maybe more highly compensated people are more highly compensated because they are busy DOING their job instead of RESENTING Theirs.

  2. Their job isn’t worrying about your salary. Your roll in sales is as important as any. If there is any other manager, they should be informed right away. Also, this is possibly a breach of contract. If company policy is to be paid in-full for two weeks of work and sales commission, and they do not pay you consistently, in-full right away it may be something to explore a little further.

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  5. Learned many things in the Army. One of them is for leaders to make a strong effort to permanently correct pay problems if the soldiers ever have them. For the most part, pay problems are inexcusable.

  6. Sales People are a vital part of the workforce. Maybe your manager wants to sell, because with the commission that you are getting, you are making more than she is? As far as the payment practices of your company, there should be some legal aspect to the rate of compensation. If you aren’t being payed on time, and the office manager is at fault, bring it up with whomever is their supervisor. I know that if I were in your shoes, I would not stand for being bullied around, let alone my pay being altered. I wish you the best.

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