Make sure you solve the right problems at work

Have you ever had a problem with another person at work? A co-worker who doesn’t do her work. A boss who’s never there. An employee who’s constantly sick and spreading germs over the whole place?

It would be shocking if you haven’t encountered at least one of these situations. (And if you’re in that lucky group, don’t ever leave that job!) But the pressing problem may not be what you need to fix.

I received an email from a general manager complaining about an employee who refused company-provided health insurance (because she “wants to spend her money on Disney”), and has now been sick for a very long time, coughing all over everything and spreading germs everywhere. Because she lacks insurance, she refuses to go to the doctor. The manager wanted to know if she should pay for her to see a doctor.

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3 thoughts on “Make sure you solve the right problems at work

  1. Ahhh the brilliant life choice of Disney over health. Perhaps Mickey can “heal” her. The bigger issue is not recognizing the rights of others and the sense of entitlement. Both characteristics of The Sociopathic Business Model. So she might be sick all the time but is, likely a cancer to the organization.

    1. And one trip to Mickey’s home is about the cash price of a doctor’s visit.

      Some people!

      1. On the other hand, if the boss is as bad as she sounds, then maybe the “magic” of the Magic Kingdom is all that’s keeping her sane in a toxic environment.

        What I really don’t get is the boss who is allowing the toxic supervisor to get away with this nonsense.

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