A job before training even starts? It’s possible

For many young job-seekers, the usual order of things is that you enroll in school, and sometime when you are close to finishing you start looking for a job. But Work America is trying to change.

The startup aims to help unemployed, “under-qualified” people find a job. Formed in 2013, the firm is now working with people to get a job as a trucker or in a call center even before they get training. Work America’s website says:

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2 thoughts on “A job before training even starts? It’s possible

  1. As a hiring manager, I meet several people on a weekly basis who are looking for a new job/first job/better job. Some are hard workers, some are just looking for the perfect job, some are just hoping to find a job where they will only need to do what they need to do to get by. Our company is fast paced, busy, and staff have to work hard and fast to keep up with getting the job done. I stress in every interview (especially to those who are seeking their very first job) that we provide training and mentoring, but we expect people to work their full shifts, put in a good days work, do the best they can… I can tell which ones are not the proper candidates if they flinch. I think that some people (picking on kids who are fresh out of school here) are raised to think and hope that someone will come swooping in to help them get the job done if they can’t put in the full effort required. It just doesn’t work that way. But once the skill of following a job through and getting the job done is learned, it can be a life changer. Good things come to those who work hard for it. Good advice Mike:)

  2. Training has numerous intangible and tangible benefit and if happens before starting of job, it is boon for companies.
    Having a trained workforce suggests your workers are learning new skills that can improve productivity and efficiency. Also it builds confidence in your workforce, and create a healthy and engaged working environment.

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