Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Desperate Job Candidates

Kathryn recently went on a job interview and felt like she nailed it. In fact, the hiring manager started talking about start dates, so she was shocked when she spoke to the recruiter the following morning and found out that company had decided she wasn’t a “good fit.” Kathryn pushed the recruiter for additional feedback, which the recruiter reluctantly shared. Her problem? She seemed too desperate for the job.

Desperation is a big turn off for many employers. This, of course, has some logic behind it. Desperate people will take any job they are offered and employers don’t like that. They want someone who wants this job, because otherwise, the employee is likely to leave when something better comes along.

So, avoiding the desperate means you have less of a chance of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit. But, let’s be honest here, have you ever been desperate?

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