6 questions for companies changing a dress code

Walmart’s (WMT) recent decision to enforce a new dress code for employees by the end of September has put a spotlight on the issue and raised some thorny questions. For instance, what’s the difference between a dress code and a uniform? Plus, the move has many Walmart employees upset because buying new clothes is an expense many either don’t want or can’t afford.

However, dress codes aren’t unusual at all. In fact, the company you’re working for probably has one.

Still, as Walmart is showing, when making a decision to change a dress code, it can be fraught with consequences. That’s why companies in that situation should first think about these six things.

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One thought on “6 questions for companies changing a dress code

  1. I like the dress code / uniform policy that Target uses: wear red. Everyone wears their own t-shirt, polo shirt, sweater, etc. They’re all red.

    As a customer, I try to remember not to go to Target when I’m wearing red, but at least it gives the employees some control.

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