Why Football Season Can Be Good For Your Office

Football season is in full swing, and for sports fans that means talking about football at work–either the day after the game to discuss the ins and outs, or the day before to discuss the anticipation of the whole thing. Oh, and of course, you’ve got the fantasy football games to discuss as well. It seems like it can take a lot away from the work day, which makes any business owner nervous. After all, you want your employees to do actual work.

But, the people at Saba Software think that Football season can be good for your office. Emily He, Chief Marketing Officer, explained why.

To read the interview, click here: Why Football Season Can Be Good For Your Office

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One thought on “Why Football Season Can Be Good For Your Office

  1. After 13 years in the Air Force I have seen the positive connections that sports can help create in the work place. Being able to talk about these types of things helps lower the stress levels and lighten the moods of employees. Also, it is important to hold employees to applicable deadlines to reinforce good time management.

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