When inappropriate texts aren’t harassment

Colleen Bowling had what looked like a slam-dunk sexual harassment case. A co-worker had sent her a series of text messages that included sexually explicit questions and inquiries into her sex life. She sued and lost the case. The details of this case shed light on the not-always-clear criteria for what constitutes sexual harassment.

What happened

Bowling was hired as a police officer f0r the Department of Veterans Affairs. Lieutenant Quinn Bennett was assigned to train her. Sometime after the training began, the two began exchanging text messages. These quickly evolved into a mix of work-related and sexual messages. Bowling claims Bennett began prying into inappropriate areas.

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2 thoughts on “When inappropriate texts aren’t harassment

  1. Just because one finds something offensive does not make it harassment. The laws today are so blurred and petty as to be insane.

    Folks need to grow a thicker skin and grow up. “should” one be subjected to morons in the workplace (or life)? Of course not but you can’t legislate ignorance out of existence…..there will always be disgusting pigs but one person’s disgusting pig is anothers life of the party……

    Just ignore them and they, like all bullies, will go away. Stop empowering them.

  2. I still don’t understand why they both weren’t fired for going to the shooting range. Shouldn’t they both have been fired for that reason?

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