Struggling to Figure Out a Christmas Present for the Boss? How About Nothing?

Thanksgiving isn’t quite here yet, but it’s time to start thinking about presents at the workplace. Whether you want to label them as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Holiday or year end gifts, they are common place. Employees tend to want things like Harry and David’s Fruit baskets, gift cards, time off, and of course, money. But what do you buy your boss?

Are you ready? Really ready? Because once you read this, your holiday shopping days will be greatly simplified. Here’s what you should get your boss this year (and every year): Nothing.

Not a typo. The workplace is not an egalitarian place. There is a hierarchy and people who have hire/fire power authority over you don’t get a present from you. This is not because you have a bad boss, or as revenge over that small bonus. It’s just not the proper thing to do. The boss can give you a present, but it does not go both ways.

To keep reading, click here: The Definitive Guide to Buying The Boss a Christmas Present

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2 thoughts on “Struggling to Figure Out a Christmas Present for the Boss? How About Nothing?

  1. Thank you for this! When I was a middle manager, I felt horribly embarrassed when an employee gave me a gift – especially if it was from one person. Group gifts made me feel slightly less uncomfortable. A cheery “Happy Holidays!” was more than sufficient.
    I was raised to reciprocate in gift giving but in the role of a manager I would never single out an individual just because they gave me something. If anything it made me careful to not treat them differently. A holiday lunch was for the entire team. All individuals received a card with a personal comment.

  2. I am “in the middle.” I am the #2 in smallish family run firm, reporting to the president (founder’s grand daughter). Of note, there is no clear #3. As my wife also works, I have a bit more budget flexibility than the rest of the staff (shop and office). As such, I usually buy a nominal gift for all the staffers, boss included. The “guy” gift is hunting/tool and the women get something else. I do not submit this purchase for reimbursement.

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