I know sitting all day is bad for me, even if I’m getting exercise, so I’d like to try a standing desk. Some of my coworkers would, too. How do I approach my boss about potentially making a change to the way his employees do their work? I have the same question for getting new chairs. I know they’re expensive, but many of us are uncomfortable. How can I convince him that it’s a good idea to spend the money?

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6 thoughts on “Sick of Sitting Around?

  1. New chairs, Hah!
    In my company when a chair breaks you are expected to bring in your own tools to fix it and then continue using it.

    The piston in my chair failed so the chair went to the lowest position and I felt like my over six-foot tall frame was sitting on the floor. I then brought in a cordless drill, some drill bits, a long screw with nuts and some hand tools. I flipped the chair upside down, extended the piston/feet as far as they would go and drilled a hole right through it. Next I put the long screw through that hole and tightened it with the nuts. This extended the chair to the right position but did nothing for the fraying front edge of the seat which is even more frayed with time.

    As for me standing up, they had no problem with me doing it, but the World War II surplus metal desk was staying right where it was.

    1. It’s a good thing I don’t work where you do. I’m the least handy person ever, although I can put Ikea furniture together!

  2. I could never imagine asking anything like this of a company. And I’m usually very pro employee. Just saying…this seems like a lot to ask.

  3. How to make a standing desk for under $5:

    1) Get a stack of telephone directories

    2) Put them under your monitor

    3) Use a plank of wood to balance your keyboard/mouse

    Yep, it’ll look ugly and you’ll have to shift them whenever you want to sit, but the boss can’t say no for financial reasons.

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