Who is wasting time on the internet? The boss, that’s who.

Cyber Monday has come and gone, but the shopping from the office continues, and you want your biggest offenders to stop wasting time and get back to work. As asmall-business owner or manager, time is critical and resources are scarce. You could start monitoring everyone’s computer usage or have a daily report sent to you, noting which websites were visited, or you could do this one simple thing to catch and stop your worst time wasters. Ready?

Log out of Amazon and get back to work. Then go tell your senior leadership team to stay away from Etsy. Yep. The person in your office who is most likely spending the most time cybershopping is the boss, along with other senior team members. ACareerBuilder survey found that senior-level employees are more than 7 percent more likely to do internet shopping at work, compared to entry and professional level employees. Some 53 percent of senior employees say they’ll shop at work, compared to only 46 percent of lower-level employees.

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One thought on “Who is wasting time on the internet? The boss, that’s who.

  1. Over 100 years ago, some bosses thought if they put telephones in their offices, their employees would spend all day talking to relatives and friends. Technology brings both advantages and abuses, and you usually don’t get one without experiencing the other. In my experience, people who have the least amount of work to do will use whatever is at their disposal to relieve boredom or try to “look busy.” What we need to do is teach people to use computers as a tool for work when they are at the office. I’ve spent “down time” on the computer doing market research, keeping track of competitors, reading industry news, and even watching software tutorials. To me, that’s a smart use of an office computer, and one that works to the boss’s advantage as well as my own. I think even HR would have to agree it’s not a waste of time.

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