20 Things You Wish Your Coworkers Wouldn’t Do

It’s a new year and we can all pretend that that makes everything fresh and new, but the reality is that those other humans you work with can be downright annoying. I asked my readers for the things that annoy them most. Do you do any of the things on this list?

1. Personal grooming at your desk. From cutting your fingernails (slightly tolerable) to clipping your toenails (never acceptable) to flossing, these things should not be done at your desk, ever. Maybe in the bathroom, but never at your desk.

2. Abusing the “reply all” function. Only reply all when all need to read your reply. Never ever, not in a million years, should you hit reply all to say, “please take me off this distribution list.”

3. Not cleaning up after yourself in common areas. Even if there is janitorial staff, you shouldn’t be leaving your lunch mess on the counter.

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Thanks for all the awesome ideas!

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One thought on “20 Things You Wish Your Coworkers Wouldn’t Do

  1. Hi Evil……….
    Surely you have shared a great stuff about the grooming of all the workers. If the coworkers of your surrounding in the office are not properly groomed this is really hamper your work and not able to concentrate on work. Thanks 🙂

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