20 Ways to Cheer Up an Office on Blue Monday

Winter is depressing in general, but a lot of people think the most depressing* day is the third Monday of January–so much that it’s been called “Blue Monday.” While the scientific evidence that this particular day is more depressing than others is slim, we could all use some cheering up at the office. Here are 20 ideas to make your Blue Monday a lot better.

1. Bring in a breakfast treat for your co-workers.

2. Go for a walk at lunch.

3. Ask three co-workers about their weekends. Really listen.

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7 thoughts on “20 Ways to Cheer Up an Office on Blue Monday

  1. Well this Monday here in the Northeast US, today could be called White Monday. Depending on where you live we are going to get 6″ to 36″ of snow with winds blowing up to 70mph. Right now in Philly at 10:30AM there is the slightest bit of white stuff coming down but weather forecasters are telling us to prepare for a storm of historic proportion. Sigh. Kinda makes me blue.

    1. I think I’m going to give items #2 and #13 on your list a try today. Call the authorities if I don’t return in a reasonable amount of time. 😉

        1. Well the storm of historic proportion is over and it dropped exactly zero inches of snow in Philadelphia. The only thing on the ground is a dusting from the occasional flurries yesterday. I actually did go out on that walk: 10 minutes out and 10 back. Not much but it refreshed me. Thank you.

  2. Be sure to remove the vomit- and sardine-flavored ones from the Bertie Bott’s jelly beans. They can — literally — induce vomiting.

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