Aspiring Mormon Women: An interview with me!

The fabulous women who run Aspiring Mormon Women asked me for an interview. I’m honored that the would include me. Here’s an excerpt:

Why did you want to become a writer?

I come from a long line of writers. My paternal grandfather wrote numerous books, my maternal grandmother wrote books. My sister is an award winning novelist. And me? I grew up loving Dear Abby. I wanted to be an advice columnist, but I figured it was an impossibility. But, with the advent of blogs, I was like, “Hey, I can write and help people!” So, I started my blog and that was the start. I love words. I love to write. I love to help other people. I do have a bit of a talent for explaining complex things in clear language, so I’ve been able to help people figure out that minefield that is their career.

You can read the whole thing here: Career day, Writer

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5 thoughts on “Aspiring Mormon Women: An interview with me!

  1. Great interview, Suzanne! I feel as if I know you a bit better now. I am also reading some of the other interviews. (I’ve read EHRL for years and didn’t know you were from St. George! We’ve spent some time in St. George and Cedar City because of Stubb’s musical work.)

    1. Thank you! I do miss the warm weather of St. George, but I also love living in Switzerland. Although, if I could winter in St. George and summer here, that would be perfect!

  2. I second the “learn another language” advice. This helps more than most folks realize. While in college, I stopped out and spent six months in Israel learning Hebrew and French. The French was an extension as I had 4 years of formal study in HS and a few more in college. What happen in Hebrew class was that I was translator for a large French speaking contingent (story is long and does not fit this discussion). By feeling helpless to even ask for a bar of soap, I learned that no matter what your job, communication is essential. Think of engineering (or any specialty) as a foreign language. All your knowledge is pretty useless unless you can express these concepts so your boss can understand. If you can’t speak the right language, no one knows how smart (or dumb) you are.

    1. True! In my beginning German classes, my classmates (also expat wives) and I wanted to buy t-shirts that said, “I’m really smart! I just don’t speak German!”

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