Hour of Code Isn’t Just For Kids–It’s For You Too

If you’re not thrilled about your current job, you might want to pay attention to theHour of Code. This event took place a couple of weeks ago and focused on getting children involved in coding, but Ryan Carson, founder and CEO of online coding school Treehouse, says it’s never too late for adults to learn to code as well.

Most people see learning to code as something for the young, but Carson says that Treehouse is also working on helping adults who are interested in a career change learn to code, and therefore, land coding jobs. Carson says,

“We believe this National Computer Science Education Week presents an opportunity to retrain our current work force and help many American adults, 27 million of whom are either unemployed or underemployed, begin or transition into a computer programming job of their own. Encouraging and educating adults with coding skills now provides an immediate solution to solving our country’s shortage of tech talent, while we wait on our youth to infiltrate our tech work force over the next decade.

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