10 Things You Should Never Do When Giving Employee Feedback

Everybody tells you that your employees need feedback, but what they don’t tell you is that doing it wrong can be worse than not doing it at all. Here are 10 things you should never do when you need to tell an employee how he or she is doing.

1. Yell.

No matter what you are actually saying when you are yelling, all your employee hears is that you are angry. Whatever you scream is categorized in an employee’s brain as irrational. This is not helpful.

2. Give feedback in anger.

Your employee really screwed up at the client meeting. Maybe there were typos on the PowerPoint presentation. Maybe she didn’t know the answers to the client’s questions — and she should have. Maybe she was late and frazzled looking. All of these things should be addressed, but don’t do it when you’re furious. Yes, timely feedback is a great idea. Feedback when you’re ready to blow a gasket isn’t. Go take a walk around the block, take a breath, and then give feedback.

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