Why Your Coworker May Be Your Best Mentor

A mentor is a valuable thing. Having someone that wants to help you succeed in your career and can help coach you through it can make the difference between being stuck at entry level and climbing up the corporate ladder. When we look for a mentor, we often look for people who are leaders in the industry. You stalk the person on LinkedIn and hope to find a way into this leader’s life.

But, Maureen Hoersten, Chief Revenue Officer of LaSalle Network, a staffing and professional services firm headquartered in Chicago, has a completely different idea: Instead of looking up, look to the side–to your coworkers. She explains:

A colleague-based mentorship is a creative approach to professional growth and has different advantages. The feedback is specific to the company and will work more effectively because the mentor will understand the leadership or management dynamic and best practices for working with them. They also can see firsthand how the employee works and their daily habits to provide feedback in areas that weren’t planned to be discussed. Feedback can be immediate when someone is in the same office, too.

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